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What does working with me look like? Let me break it down into phases for you!

what is included in this service?


find a practice


initial analysis


due diligence


ownership checklist


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Find A Practice

It all starts here. You need to be ready to own, and find a practice you’re excited about. There will be obstacles along the way, but they can be overcome with the right tools. See helpful tools and resources for this step here.

your tasks

  • Be ready to own with The Five Things You Need to Be Ready to Own
  • Know what your ideal practice looks like

  • Build a network of dental professionals

  • Find a practice you may want to buy

brian’s tasks

  • I’m not directly involved in this stage. Most clients engage me as soon as they have a practice in mind!

phase 01

Practice Purchase Analysis™

We’re going to take a deep dive look at the practice you’re looking at together and assess the opportunity objectively. This is one of the biggest, most important career decisions you’ll make as a dentist. It’s important to get this right. I’ll create a report to answer three main questions:

  1. Is this a good practice to buy?
  2. If yes, what is a fair price to pay?
  3. If I pay that much, how much money will I make?

your tasks

  • Send any documents you have on the practice
  • Review the Practice Purchase Analysis
  • Decide whether to put an offer on the practice

brian’s tasks

  • Complete the Practice Purchase Analysis ™
  • Review the report in detail with you
  • Make a recommendation on whether or not to move forward

letter of intent

Here’s where you’re going to make an offer to the seller. It’s crucial to get this step right to set the stage optimally to help ensure a smooth transition to your ownership of the practice. See helpful tools and resources for this step here.

your tasks

  • Review and approve the letter of intent
  • Sign and send the letter of intent

brian’s tasks

  • Draft and review with you the letter of intent
  • Assist in any negotiations that arise

phase 02

Bank Financing

After you have an accepted letter of intent, it’s time to secure financing from a bank. You’ll want a dedicated dental lender, but the lending landscape is constantly shifting. I’ll help you navigate the process to the bank with the best deals and terms in your area. See helpful tools and resources for this step here.

your tasks

  • Connect with recommended banks
  • Start the application process with selected banks
  • Upload personal financial information to the banks
  • Have introductory and underwriting calls with selected banks

brian’s tasks

  • Introduce you to the right banks
  • Upload financial documentation on the practice
  • Help you assess, negotiate and select the best loan option

Due Diligence

We’ll dive deep into the target practice and ensure we thoroughly understand what you are purchasing. Good due diligence includes a thorough a review of both reports and in-person due diligence. See helpful tools and resources for this step here.

your tasks

  • Schedule 2 full days to visit the practice for in-person due diligence

brian’s tasks

  • Perform financial due diligence
  • Review both financial and in-person due diligence with you

legal documents

Both you and the seller will have attorneys draft, negotiate and finalize the legal documents that will legally transfer the business to your name. You will also create a legal entity. The most important things that will happen in this step are the protections that will be put in place that you hopefully never use. See helpful tools and resources for this step here.

your tasks

  • Interview and select a dental attorney
  • Work closely with your attorney to negotiate and finalize legal documents
  • Sign paperwork to open your business entity

brian’s tasks

  • Perform financial due diligence
  • Review both financial and in-person due diligence with you

phase 03

Pre-Ownership Checklist

As the closing date gets closer, there is a lot to do to be ready to own a business. I’ll walk you through it and get you as ready as you can be. Some steps are crucial to start as soon as is practical. Others can wait a bit. We’ll work together to make your first days as owner focused more on patients and staff instead of stressing about ownership details. See helpful tools and resources for this step here.

your tasks

  • Review and begin on the items in the Comprehensive Practice Purchase Checklist™
  • Start on insurance credentialing asap
  • Start on applying for life and disability policies asap
  • Work closely with the seller on your transition plan

brian’s tasks

  • Advise you through the Comprehensive Practice Purchase Checklist™
  • Introduce you to the best dental CPAs, bookkeepers and payroll companies
  • Assist you through the bank closing conditions

close on your practice

This is what you’ve waited and worked so hard for! You’re going to walk through the doors of a dental practice that you own. There will be a lot going on at this stage, but celebrating can and should be one of them!

your tasks

  • Sign legal documents
  • Sign banking documents
  • Ensure working capital funds are accessible
  • Celebrate!

brian’s tasks

  • Help through any last questions or hiccups
  • Send final invoice

Frequently Asked Questions

I had my heart set on two practices that Brian helped talk me out of buying. I bought the third we looked at seriously and am glad I waited. Now that I’m an owner, I’m so glad he helped me avoid those practices that weren’t right for me. Brian really knows his stuff. I would recommend Brian to anyone who is thinking about buying a practice.

Dr. Brooke P.

Atlanta, GA, Divi Corner

When is the best time to hire you?
Most dentists engage me when they have a practice in mind to analyze. But you can reach out to me before that process, or anytime you need a second set of eyes to validate the numbers and your decision.
What if I don’t buy the first practice I look at? Does your price go up?
No. We’ll look at as many practices as needed to find the right practice for you and the fee never changes.
Do I need to hire you and a CPA for the transition?

Nope. Between me and an attorney, you should be good to go. I act as the accountant
through the transition and will help you transition to a full-time CPA to help with your taxes and
bookkeeping after you’re an owner.

Do you need to be in the same city where I want to practice?
I’ve looked at hundreds of practices in all 50 states, and fortunately have been able to help clients all over the U.S. without needing to be physically present.


My engagement is flat-fee, regardless of the time it takes to close on your practice.

The total fee is $6,500.

$2,000 is due up front as a retainer.

The remaining $4,500 is billed to your business
after you own your practice.

There are no penalties to looking at one practice and deciding not to buy. The rate stays the same regardless of how long you take to search for the perfect practice.

Brian helped me negotiate a sales price of $75,000 less than the asking price. He also noticed a mistake on the accounts receivable purchase that saved me another $6,300. His skill more than justified any fee he charged. My favorite part about working with Brian was his skill in explaining the how and why of everything we did during the transaction. I loved working with Brian!

Dr. Matthew K.

Tukwila, WA, Divi Corner

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Purchasing a dental practice is a big decision.  Ask me any question you’d like.

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