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How to Use Brokers

I get nervous about dentists who complain to me, “I can’t find a practice to buy and the brokers won’t call me back!” I get nervous because asking that question means they’ve already broken the inviolable rule of practice searches – the best practices are often off-market, and can only be found by networking with […]

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4 Tips to Use Brokers to Find a Dental Practice for Sale

  Working with dental practice buyers across the entire US, I’ve met and worked with most of the serious brokers. Like any other professional colleagues, we talk. A lot of time, we talk about you. I’ve had my fair share of brokers griping and moaning about specific buyers, which then turns into conversations about buyers […]

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Dental Transition Gold – The Inactive Patient Marketing Plan

There is one method of patient marketing that is consistently effective for new practice owners. New dentists who use the technique explained below typically see patient appointments increase anywhere from 100-350 in a few months, depending on practice size. The method is laid out below, but first a little marketing background… One marketing rule that […]

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Insurance Credentialing When Buying a Dental Practice

One of the most common areas of stress when buying a dental practice is insurance credentialing. As if making one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make wasn’t stressful enough, throw in all the unknowns about insurance credentialing and stress is a near certainty. The basic process is pretty straightforward at first glance: have a […]

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